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We have been providing desktop and web solutions for travel agencies since 2008 and work with clients as a solution developer or as a consultant.


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  • Airport Express -Travelport Smartpoint 

    Please note Version 8.0.*.* of Airport Express will work on Smartpoint v8.0 and above Version:- Created: June 08 2018 13:27
    AirportExpress functionality updated:

    • Brisbane Airtrain Content
    • Heathrow Advanced Fares
    • Melbourne Skybus
    • Configuration screen available via Tools Menu
    • *** Please close Travelport Smarpoint before installing ***
    • Travelport Marketplace integration

  • TripEtc -Travelport Smartpoint  Version:- Created: September 28 2017 14:51
    TripEtc functionality updated:
    Version 1.3.x: Previous Versions:-
    • Copy to clipboard
    • install routine including removing CachedPlugins.xml and using User profiles to avoid permission errors
    • Reorder all list items
    • Remark fields
    • Inline edit box
    • Decode SSRs
  • TripEtc -User Guide

  • SmartSwitch -Travelport Smartpoint  Version:- Created: May 23 2017 16:46

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  • Web based solutions
  • Data extraction and reporting
  • Smartpoint Plugin's for Galileo and Apollo users

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